As years pass by, big data is being stored in computers and this data is mostly comprised of personal information. The more the information being stored in the computers , the higher the risk its involved in most companies currently suffer at least 80% loss of data in the computers though they have put in place various security measures.


Some of the challenges faced by the big companies in data security are as follows:

User data privacy– This is the information concerning an individual. This data is always in movement as its being accessed by the users, the business partners and it’s also being shared regularly within the network. It is impossible to make such information unknown to the individuals by making it anonymous because due to the large volumes of data, some of it is used as link for identification hence making it reliable and convenient

big dataGranular access– It is difficult to respect the privacy of the information being shared in the network at the same time continuing with the analysis and usage of the data available. Granular access ensures that every bit of information is acted upon and this ensures maximum security and the usage of data. However during granular access the ability to keep track of the privacy of the data being acted upon is minimized.

Monitoring real time-This is majorly designed to alert the company in times of an attack o the data being guarded. However, the disadvantage is that the amount of feedback being generated is enormous hence its difficult to separate he real attack from the fake ones. Fortunately there are companies that can offer these services for both he small businesses and large enterprises through the remote support software.

Granular audits-The main aim of the real time monitoring is to alert the company of the first sign of trouble. However this does not happen because of the lare number of the false alarms detected. Granular audit is used to identify the exact situation and hence prevent future breaches in the data. It should be noted that an effective inspection depends on the following: integrity and timely access to the information available.


It should be noted that most companies are still struggling to handle the enormous volume of data available in the system. However these firms battle threats from the outside and also their own employees as well. Most of the highly sophisticated components of the software do not put into consideration security aspects seriously hence this provides a loophole for an eminent attack on the data being stored.