Intelligence is an admirable attribute. Everyone wants it, and when they have it, they want more. Naturally obtained intelligence can start at birth, but if someone isn’t born with such a feature, eventually they can learn and grow their knowledge. There is no set limit for obtaining knowledge and using it. Humans can use their learnings and apply it to life, along with emotions and feelings.

The same cannot be said for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has evolved tremendously throughout the years.Large sets of data have improved machine learning abilities.  Smartphones informing us about what the weather will be like tomorrow by verbal communication, or a variety of machines in hospital or retail settings that contain hundreds of medicines that can count out what a patient prescription has specified and distributes this counted medication into the vials.

Artificial Intelligence is convenient when needed to assist with a task and can even be worn on the wrist for better traveling. It is everywhere with us today. But don’t be fooled by Artificial Intelligence, because eventually it won’t be of just assistance, but it’ll take away opportunities from humans and take away everything we have spent years trying to build for ourselves.

The loss of jobs is the most crucial concern. I mentioned that this intelligence can be of assistance to us, but slowly we will just depend on it enough that it might just take over the job. Employers may not even have say in this matter and a business may assume Artificial Intelligence is what’s best for themselves instead of humans. Humans then get fired, robots take over, and the only winner in this situation is the employer because Artificial Intelligence is artificial, they wouldn’t understand the feeling of successfully gaining a job. So it is one thing to receive a helping hand to help improve productivity, but if this hand that is supposed to help is depended on more than it should have be and takes over the job, then this takes away any financial security obtained from previously working without Artificial Intelligence. Job seeking will increase, but job opportunities will decrease.

With the takeover of this intelligence, they will require upkeep. For example, owning a car is convenient when it takes you from one destination to the next. If the car throughout the years isn’t taken care of and the owner goes without the routine oil changes or tire rotation, and then accidentally hits a deer on the way to a destination and dents the hood and cracks the windshield, it must all get fixed to keep this car functioning. It costs money to keep the car dependable, but well known with cars, it isn’t the cheapest to fix. With the constant upkeep and upgrading of Artificial Intelligence, it requires constant costs that too aren’t cheap. Especially after this intelligence has stolen jobs, it would be a must for an employer to constantly spend money on upkeeping for this technology to keep bringing the profits in.

Any human can expand their knowledge on their own, whenever they want, about the topic they want to learn about, the possibilities are endless. Humans can easily teach themselves at no cost whatsoever or choose to go to school and pay tuition. With tuition, it can be high priced, however, it can be paid back within time after graduation. With technology’s intelligence, it’ll always cost a pretty penny not only to keep the information is has stored updated, but to expand this information for it to be capable of doing more.

Artificial Intelligence also lacks a pretty important component that humans access all day, every day. That is the lack of emotions and moral values. The technology that stole or will steal a person’s job won’t comprehend the pain it has caused for the person. No remorse for the person that just lost his/her financial stability. There isn’t any imagination or creativity used to show uniqueness the way humans do. We create the diversity and come up with amazing ideas for everything because of our imaginations and creative talents.

On a final note, experience. We use our experiences to teach us and learn from them. Good, bad, emotional, etc… These robots don’t gain any experience and get the chance to learn from it to apply to its life, or to its work. It must be programmed to learn and that is it.

Humans benefit well when assisted with new technology, but this doesn’t mean that we should rely on it more than necessary.